Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

2010 - It was the most challenging but rewarding year of my life. I have been faced with many different emotions since I found out I was pregnant with Jordan on Jan 28th, 2010. The day I took the positive pregnancy test I was the happiest girl EVER! My dream had come true to be a mama - the one thing I knew I had always wanted out of life was to be a parent. We went for the twenty week ultrasound on May 21, 2010 to find out if it was a boy or girl. But considering I work in Radiology I already knew it was a boy. That day the tech said she couldn't get a good view of the heart. Well I had never heard of congenital heart defects - I let a friend of mine scan me and she told me she thought it was HLHS. We already had plans to go to the beach that weekend so I agreed to go on with the plans. Not a second went by that I was not looking up research and worrying day in and out. We went to Atlanta on June 2nd and Jordan was diagnosed by the cardiologist with HLHS my world was shattered that day. The baby boy I had always wanted would have to suffer his entire life - Not a day went by that I didn't cry, pray and even wonder would he even make it. I would find myself looking into the room where his nursery would be and thinking do we even make it a nursery? With the courage of our supportive family and friends we set up the nursery and took the chance that Jordan would be a fighter.

On Sept 29, 2010 we were told it was a nice day for traveling and we needed to head up to Atlanta to birth the little miracle child. We were scared to death and had no idea what to expect but we just prayed and trusted God with every bit of our souls. I had the most wonderful experience at Northside and Jordan was born on Oct 1, 2010 at 6:37pm. Once he was born they took him to the NICU immediately, we finally got to see him around 11:00pm that night. It was love at first sight. Everyone had always told me you will never feel love like this until you have your own... Well they were right! That night I don't think I slept for a minute. All I could think about were the days ahead and what all Jordan would face. They took him to Children's that morning and I finally got to see him around 9 pm that night. He was so precious... there were many tears, fears and times of rejoice for the next 16 days. I fell back on my faith and let God take control and he did an AWESOME job. Once we were home we found our routine and fell more in love with this amazing child. On Oct 25th we were in Atlanta for a routine check up when we found ourselves faced with another bump in the road. Jordan's shunt was restricted and he needed an emergency heart cath. What was supposed to be a small procedure turned out to be another open heart surgery and 12 days in CICU. But with the help of God and many prayers from people all around the world we were back home on Nov 6th. Ever since then we've had many doctors appointments and home health visits but I would not do one single thing any differently.

We have enjoyed the holidays with our families and friends. He was the best Christmas gift ever and he even brought in the New Year with us wide awake. It was like he knew he wanted to be awake at midnight. He had been asleep but once we put him in his bed he was wide awake from 11:45 until 12:15. It was the best New Years I have ever celebrated being able to kiss my precious little boy.

2011 - We will face many more challenges and times of letting God take control and trusting in him for all the fears we may face. Jordan is scheduled for his first routine heart cath on Jan 6th. We are scared to death but we also know he is a little fighter and God will hold his hand the whole time. Please pray for Jordan as he faces the heart cath in January and his Glenn procedure (3rd open heart surgery) in February if the results from the cath are good.
Thanks for every ones prayers, support and love in 2010 - We hope everyone had a safe New Year and send you all best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2011~